Vertunex Se the head of a group of companies based in Czech Republic and Italy: 

Our products come through joint venture with Italian companies or directly invoiced, from Italian and European bankrupts, failures, not payed orders, pure stocks, past seasons, catalogues exchanges and from the Media Bartering too.

All our products (unless specific indications in our offers) are brand new and with manufacturer warranty too. In addition, we are proud to say that most of our products are Made in Italy or Made in Europe (up to 90/95% of the entire turnover).

A brief presentation of the major companies we dealt and are still dealing with:

PLT Forniture Industrlali S.r.l.: Company established in 2013, based in Milano, Italy. Core business is trading on plastic granulates and raw materials, we recently added the wholesale selling too.

Castoldi & Castoldi S.r.l.: Company established in 2007, based in Milano, Italy. Core business is wholesale, over productions, not payed orders, bankrupts, cars. 

Tabou s.r.o : Company established in 2016, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Core business is trading and wholesale products, specially focused with West African market, where we already have strong commercial partnerships and connections. 

Stockist and the website is our main website and a brand, registered, owned by the group


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